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February 09, 2014

It only takes a few days of enduring a polar vortex to make many people dash to their computers in search of a warmer place to visit.  If you are one of those people fed up with the frigid temperatures and record snowfalls, it’s time to take a look at Turks and Caicos weather, and consider Providenciales for your next getaway.


Located just south of the Tropic of Cancer, the Turks and Caicos Islands have a tropical savanna climate with dry, warm winters and low humidity.  While Turks and Caicos are geographically classified as being part of the Bahamas, the British Overseas Territory is a separate political entity and it also escapes the cold snaps that often hover over the Bahamas in winter months.


Turks and Caicos is also distinguished by avoiding most of the rainfall that tends to dampen many other Caribbean nations during the “rainy” (June until December) season.  In fact, Providenciales receives less than 50 inches of rainfall per year.


So how warm can you expect it to be when you visit?  Historic weather reports vary slightly by source, but on average expect the average daily temperature to be in the low 80’s in most months.  Temperatures will rise to above 87 degrees Fahrenheit in the “warm season” (June until September) and the average daily high to be below 81 degrees Fahrenheit in the “cold season” (December – January).


But don’t expect the cold season to be cold.  December and January daily highs are normally in the mid 70’s and visitors regularly enjoy swimming in the ocean and resort swimming pools.  The average water temperature in Turks and Caicos is between 77 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit.


The coldest temperature ever recorded in Turks and Caicos was 64 degrees Fahrenheit.  To put that “nippy” Turks and Caicos weather in perspective, Toronto recorded it’s coldest day at -27 degrees (in 1859) and New York City was downright frigid in 1934 when it recorded a temperature of -15 degrees.


As we get ready to post this blog, it’s a beautiful 77 degrees Fahrenheit on Providenciales, with sunny skies and a gentle tradewind blowing.  In Toronto, it’s 23 degrees, 31 degrees in New York City and folks in Chicago are starting the day with temperatures around 11 degrees Fahrenheit.


One of our favorite statistics: on average Turks and Caicos enjoys 350 days of sunshine per year. Beat that!


A short 3 ½ hour flight will bring you to some fabulous Turks and Caicos weather.  Come join us and relax, rejuvenate and most importantly, warm up, in our gorgeous climate.

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