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July 25, 2013

We introduced the benefits of getting married on Providenciales  in our June blog, “Planning a Wedding in the Turks and Caicos.”   A Caribbean wedding presents a wonderfully romantic venue, and getting married in the Turks and Caicos is made even better by the beautiful beaches, ease of access, gorgeous weather, and ease and affordability of marriage license arrangements.


While these aspects are important, so is planning for the actual ceremony itself.  Here are some important tips for the bride-to-be to consider:


Transporting Your Gown – Some brides opt for a casual yet elegant beach dress when they get married in the Caribbean.  However, other brides choose to wear traditional wedding gowns, which are susceptible to damage if not properly transported.  When making your air travel arrangements, check with the airline to learn if they will allow you to transport your gown in the cabin of the aircraft.  Avoid the stress of worrying that your gown will be damaged or lost if stored in the baggage compartment of the aircraft.


Planning Hair and Make-Up – Turks and Caicos is blessed with mostly sunny skies year round, but humidity and trade winds can wreak havoc on hair and make-up.  To make sure you look your best on your special day, choose hair stylists and aestheticians on island that have experience with wedding parties. During peak season these service providers can be booked months in advance, so ask your wedding planner for assistance making appointments.  Ask the stylists and aestheticians to send you photos of past clients, and consider getting a “sample” hair style done at your local salon, so you can show the stylist on island a photo of the look you want to achieve on your wedding day.


Flowers – Tropical flowers are always a lovely choice for bridal bouquets and décor.  However, if you want to have different choices available, keep in mind that importing flowers requires advance planning and may cost more than you expect.  There are a few florists on Providenciales that can provide expert service and advice.  Ask your wedding planner to make arrangements well in advance, so you have the flowers that are best suited to your wedding ceremony.


Music – The right music sets the mood for your wedding.  If you are hosting an outdoor wedding, as do most Caribbean brides, you will need to consider the impact that wind, the sound of waves lapping against the shore, and sometimes music from other facilities in the area can have on the music being played at your ceremony.  Ask your wedding planner to give you advice about live musicians versus recorded music, and the costs and requirements for staging, a sound system, etc.  The same considerations will apply to your reception.  There are several wonderful musicians and musical groups on Providenciales who can provide the perfect sound for your ceremony and reception. From classical music to reggae, we can help you find a musician.


Photography – Working with the right photographer is critical to capturing the magic of your special day.  The Alexandra Resort would be pleased to recommend some excellent photographers on island who have extensive experience with weddings.  Since Providenciales is a popular Caribbean wedding destination, these photographers book months in advance, so if you intend to host a wedding soon in Turks and Caicos, we suggest you reserve a photographer promptly.


Our team at the Alexandra Resort love to host weddings and to make your event truly memorable and enjoyable. Ask about our special packages and services available for Turks and Caicos weddings and honeymoons.

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