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January 09, 2014

The colour turquoise is usually what first comes to mind in reference to the ‘Beautiful by Nature’ Turks and Caicos Islands. The turquoise hue of the ocean is so vibrant that it simply dominates the landscape at every turn.


Yet, despite earning fame for dazzling white sand beaches and turquoise coloured waters, the residents of the Caribbean nation have adopted a rainbow of eight colours to represent the history and culture of the islands that make up Turks and Caicos.


Visitors will see these colours displayed on local arts and crafts, as well as costumes worn at cultural events.


David Bowen, Director of Culture at the Ministry of Culture, is attributed with providing the following description of the national colours.  Look for these beautiful colours and the symbols they represent as you enjoy your Turks and Caicos vacation.


RED – represents the nation’s capital, Grand Turk. The color is taken from the red/pink fruit found on the Turks Head Cactus. The cacti were in abundance on Grand Turk before they were removed to accommodate the salt ponds.


WHITE – represents Salt Cay. The color came from salt. The salt industry was largely responsible for populating the islands of Salt Cay, Grand Turk and South Caicos.


ORANGE – represents South Caicos and East Caicos. The color comes from the spiny lobster and reflects the fishing industry in the “Big South”.


TAN – represents Middle Caicos. The color is taken from the raw material (thatch) that once covered the roofs of the houses. It is also used to make straw hats, baskets, and brooms. Middle Caicos is known for the superior quality of native craftwork.


GREEN – represents North Caicos and Parrot Cay. The color is taken from the fruit trees and other types of trees. The most fertile of all the islands is North Caicos, home to historic Wade’s Green Plantation the most successful of the Caicos Islands plantations.


TURQUOISE – represent the islands of Providenciales, Pine Cay and West Caicos. This color comes from the beautiful turquoise waters that surround these islands on which the famous Caicos fishing sloops sailed.


PINK – represents the beautiful conch shells, flamingoes, and the numerous uninhabited cays that make up the chain of islands.


YELLOW – represents God’s glory as the sun shining down on all of the beautiful islands and cays.

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