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June 16, 2015

A souvenir, by definition, is a thing that is kept as a reminder of a person, place or event.


Many Turks and Caicos visitors are content to bring home a lovely tan and some great memories for a souvenir, but if you want to shop for something tangible, consider purchasing a piece of jewelry in our tax-free destination.


For luxury items, head to Jais in Regent Village.  The official Rolex retailer in Turks and Caicos, Jais offers an extensive selection of fine jewelry at its flagship store in Grace Bay, as well as at their store in the departure lounge at the Providenciales airport. Jais also operates a second store in Regent Village called Just Jais, which features an affordable collection of jewelry, watches, accessories and sunglasses.


Royal Jewels is a second island jeweler with stores in Saltmills Plaza (across the street from Regent Village) and close to downtown Provo.  In addition to a large jewelry selection, Royal Jewels sells premium watches.


Goldsmiths is another island jeweler with stores in Regent Village and at the airport.  In addition to a large jewelry selection, Goldsmiths sells souvenir items, apparel and handbags.  They also carry H20 products, which is the official toiletry line at the Alexandra Resort.


If you prefer to shop for locally made jewelry, consider the stamped silver jewelry made by artisan Atelys Adrian.  The collection is sold at Paradise Arts, which is located in Saltmills Plaza.  Anna’s Art Gallery is also located in the plaza and sells interesting jewelry with an up-market island flavour.


For hand crafted sea glass jewelry, visit Art Provo in Regent Village.  While you are there, look for other locally made products, including Turks and Caicos salt, and art work.


For authentic Turks and Caicos knick knacks head over to FOTTAC (Flavours of the Turks and Caicos), which specializes in locally made rum products, sauces and spices, salts and soaps and more.


If you prefer jewelry with a more exotic look, head to Rumeurs Boutique in the Caicos Café Plaza.  You will also find Asian inspired clothing, apparel reminiscent of the south of France and interesting décor items.


Finally, don’t forget to visit the local Turks and Caicos craft markets.  You can find these on Allegro Road (just down the street from the Gourmet Graceway IGA) and at Ricky’s (on the beach, across from Provo Golf Club).


Local craft vendors occasionally set up displays at the Alexandra Resort too.  Please contact any member of our Guest Services team in our Reception Centre to learn more about where you can purchase locally made jewelry and for any other advice you may require to enjoy some Turks and Caicos shopping.


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